2020年6月8日,星期一 写的 磁铁


We’ve all seen the empty store shelves that used to be filled with hand sanitizer. It went from a commodity we rarely thought about to the hottest of commodities in the blink of an eye. 在COVID-19开始肆虐该国之后, 洗手液的短缺对那些在前线的人打击最大.

“我们无法想象护士, 医生, or first responders being able to do their jobs without hand sanitizer, so we immediately began working with local distilleries to see what we could quickly produce and distribute,“博士说. 伊森·卡普,磁铁总裁兼首席执行官.


船上的第一家公司是克利夫兰威士忌. 磁铁帮助设计了他们用来生产威士忌的技术, so we were able to help them quickly retool and pivot to hand sanitizer. 与克利夫兰诊所合作,我们共同制定, 混合, 一瓶世卫组织配方的消毒剂可用于50多人,000 caregivers across 克利夫兰 Clinic’s main campus and 11 regional hospitals in Ohio.

“We are grateful for 克利夫兰 Whiskey’s support as we navigate this evolving situation,艾利森·里夫尔说, 克利夫兰诊所药房副主任. “Hand sanitizer is a vital component that helps us protect our caregivers and patients. It was important to us to identify a local supplier that could meet the FDA requirements and work quickly with us to meet our health system’s demand.”

A whiskey distillery and a hospital may seem like an unlikely partnership, but one thousand bottles of hand sanitizer prove it was exactly the right alliance to help protect healthcare workers and patients from the deadly virus.

“We jumped at the chance to collaborate with 克利夫兰 Clinic to help supply the system with hand sanitizer,汤姆·利克斯说, 克利夫兰威士忌公司的创始人兼首席执行官. “我们的使命是酿造好威士忌,做正确的事, 这绝对是正确的做法. This will help protect both frontline healthcare workers and the patients they care for. 这是我们帮助社区的最好方式.”

克利夫兰 Whiskey also produced and donated hand sanitizer to first responders in the 克利夫兰 area. 进一步扩大生产, 磁铁 identified more than 30 other manufacturers willing and able to convert to producing hand sanitizer. 那里有大量的原料,乙醇. 但没有适合包装最终产品的材料. 实际上,当地没有小瓶或喷雾顶. Almost all of the spray dispensers are made overseas and impossible to get right now.

“供应链比最初看起来要复杂得多. 然后我们找到了解决办法. If the bottle-making industry can’t flex up as quickly as companies can make hand sanitizer, then perhaps we could drive down the need for small bottles by reusing them. 找到1到3加仑的大瓶子要容易得多. We asked everyone to stockpile their small 4 to 12-ounce bottles and dispensing closures. And we decided to produce ‘kits’ that contained three large one-gallon bottles of hand sanitizer with small bottles that could each be refilled 4-5 times,亚当·斯奈德说, 管理合伙人, 磁铁的界别伙伴关系.


This solved the bottle shortage problem and allowed several companies working with the 俄亥俄州制造业联盟抗击COVID-19 捐款1,俄亥俄州将向食品银行分发350个工具包, 养老院, 及12个地区老化机构(AAAs). These Agencies will use the sanitizer to protect home and community-based workers and the older people they care for, 送餐和带餐去看医生. That’s more than 4,000 gallons of hand sanitizer – enough to fill a small tanker truck.

“Even during these tough times, Ohioans and Ohio companies continue to be generous. Many thanks to those who donated these important materials,” Governor Mike DeWine said. “We are making sure these donations are getting into the hands of Ohio protectors that need them.”

宝洁公司 & 甘布尔捐了洗手液. 克利夫兰 Whiskey donated its services to bottle and process the sanitizer into kits. Axium, a manufacturer of plastic containers with operations in 哥伦布, donated bottles. 磁铁 donated pour spouts and cartons and brought all the partners together to make this happen.

“The level of support from Ohio manufacturers has been simply extraordinary. Many of us feel so helpless watching the tragic toll COVID-19 is taking on families and communities. It feels incredibly good to be able to come together and actually do something to help,“博士说. 卡普.

磁铁不会就此止步. The next phase of the donation project is to produce many more hand sanitizer kits and distribute them through the seven Urban League chapters in Ohio.

“The Urban League of Greater 克利夫兰 is pleased to organize an effort in collaboration with our six other Urban League affiliates across the State of Ohio to distribute sanitizer kits into our minority communities,玛莎·莫卡比说, 大克利夫兰城市联盟的首席执行官. “We applaud this partnership that will provide the kits and this opportunity to support small businesses, 教堂和社区组织, 广州, 辛辛那提, 克利夫兰, 哥伦布, 洛雷恩县和沃伦/扬斯敦.”

磁铁 will also continue to work with manufacturers across the region to help them repurpose to make hand sanitizer. Companies such as Dubois Chemical and Middle West Distillery are now selling their hand sanitizer on the  俄亥俄州紧急PPE制造商交易所. This online marketplace helps connect manufacturers to smaller buyers in need of supplies such as 养老院, 警察部队, 和其他应急人员.

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